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How we think about God changes how we live. 
As Christians, we know that we are encouraged to be 'transformed by the renewing of our mind,' (Romans 12:2) yet, as Christians we also know that this can be hard. How do we think in a way that demonstrates to ourselves, and the world around us, that we are 'transformed individuals?' This exciting new set of courses seek to equip and encourage us to develop our thinking, practice and living in such ways that this kind of transformation is both achievable and recognisable.
The Transformation Project aims to shift how we think about God and the world around us and therefore subsequently, changing how we live. It does not aim to make us a finished product but rather acknowledge that as 21st Century Disciples we need to undertake a continual renewing of our minds to help transform us more into Christlikeness. It is about learning that provokes a transformation of our hearts, minds and actions; encouraging us to live-out our faith in more informed and effective ways. So, can we invite you to walk with us and allow us to walk with you, as we let God transform us, as He is in the nature of doing; whatever the year, whatever the context, He is a change bringer.

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