The Transformation Project aims to shift how we think about God and the world around us and therefore subsequently, changing how we live. It does not aim to make us a finished product but rather acknowledge that as 21st Century Disciples we need to undertake a continual renewing of our minds to help transform us more into Christlikeness. It is about learning that provokes a transformation of our hearts, minds and actions; encouraging us to live-out our faith in more informed and effective ways. So, can we invite you to walk with us and allow us to walk with you, as we let God transform us, as He is in the nature of doing; whatever the year, whatever the context, He is a change bringer. LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER.
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We are all works in progress in terms of our faith, and whether we are new to faith or have been leading and serving for years, we know there is still so much to learn about God. We do not want to settle for quick plaudits or ill-considered responses. We want our lives to carry a depth.

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Our Lecturers

Dr Charlie Hadjiev

Charlie is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. At BBC he is Lecturer in Old Testament Study and Hebrew. Charlie also has the responsibility of Programme Leader for the QUB Postgraduate programme. 
Dr Cynthia Bennett Brown
Cindy joined the staff at BBC in 2011 as Lecturer in Systematic and Historical Theology. She is originally from the United States, though since 1995 she has worked and studied in France, Canada, and Northern Ireland.

Dr Joy Allan

Joy studied for both her MA and PhD in Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen. Her research interests focus around mental health, disability theology, theology and abuse, and all aspects of pastoral care. She has been Lecturer in Practical Theology at BBC since 2019.
Dr William Ford

William is originally from England. He studied theology and Old Testament in Durham and Oxford. He joined BBC in 2009 as Lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew. He also has responsibility as Programme Leader for the UoC undergraduate programme.
Dr Peter McDowell

Peter joined the lecturing team at BBC in 2018, as Lecturer in Missiology. Peter returned to Belfast after serving in missions in Nepal, to study theology and complete his PhD, focusing on Missiology and emerging views of mission. 
Dr Alan Meenan

 Dr. Alan Meenan holds five academic degrees from both sides of the Atlantic. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Alan has spent most of his life in the United States. Currently, he travels extensively, lecturing and teaching around the globe. His serves as a guest Lecturer at BBC. 
Rick Hill

Rick Hill is a speaker, leader and writer based in Northern Ireland. Rick serves in leadership at Carnmoney Church and works for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in the areas of discipleship and leadership. He serves as a guest Lecturer at BBC.
I am simply amazed with how Sue managed to lead me to achieving some things that I've been failing to achieve by myself for so many years. I can't wait to see what happens next...
Dr William Ford
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