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Journey Through the Bible

In this 20 week course we will take you on a journey through the Bible, starting at Genesis and ending with Revelation. You will look at the different collections of books that make up the Bible, gaining an overview of their theological content. You will also gain an understanding of how they fit into both the wider Bible and the history and culture of their time. All of this is designed to help you to become a better reader of the Bible. 

Dr. William Ford & Dr. Charlie Hadjiev


28th September


8-9:15 pm


Live Online


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20 Weeks

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Dr. William Ford

William is originally from England. He studied theology and Old Testament in Durham and Oxford. In between his theological studies he worked as a chartered accountant in London for four years. Prior to joining BBC in 2009 he taught at All Nations Christian College in England. At BBC, William has responsibility as Programme Leader for the UoC undergraduate programme. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Dr. Charlie Hadjiev

Charlie is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied law in Sofia, theology in London and completed a doctoral dissertation at Oxford. Prior to joining BBC in 2011 he taught Old Testament at the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute and served as the Academic Dean of the United Theological Faculty. At BBC, Charlie has the responsibility of Programme Leader for the QUB Postgraduate programme. He is also currently a visiting Lecturer at the Continental Theological Seminary, Brussels, Belgium. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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