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Resilient Discipleship

In the shifting cultural sands of the West, Christianity is no longer a dominant worldview or an accepted norm. Twenty-first-century Christians find themselves pushed to the edges of contemporary culture, exiled in a strange land. Rather than choosing comfort as our response or abandoning lifelong spiritual patterns, how can we face the erosion of Cultural Christianity as resilient disciples with a long-haul faith built on a firm foundation?

This course offers a roadmap for this kind of intentional discipleship life. Through biblical reflection, practical teaching and interactive discussion, it will enable participants to discover key principles and practices that contribute to a life of lasting faith – one that is grounded in faithful discipleship but also pulsing with life and faith-fueled adventure.

Rick Hill 


9th November - 14th December


8-9:15 pm


Live Online


6 weeks



Course contents


Rick Hill 

Rick Hill is a speaker, leader and writer based in Northern Ireland. Married to Sarah with two young sons, Rick serves in leadership at Carnmoney Church and works for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in the areas of discipleship and leadership. He is the author of the recently published “Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples” and is passionate about seeing every follower of Jesus equipped to serve in God’s mission. Tweets at @rickhillni 
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